Bolt Torque & Tensioning

ISS offers hydraulic bolt torque/tensioning services to serve most industrial requirements. The controlled application of torque on a flange joint connection ensures even distribution and uniform displacement of pressure. Specific applications are determined based upon the critical nature of the flange and the pressure, temperature and material that will be passing through the line. Also calculated into the process is the “k” factor or friction coefficient that comes into play when bolting lubricants or Teflon is introduced. Bolt elongation can be verified utilizing extensometers and trained technicians.

Torque, Tensioning and Stud Removal Services

  • Hydraulic Torque Wrenches
  • All Stud Sizes
  • Heavy Hex Sizes
  • Socket & Low Clearance Link
  • Tensioning Tools
  • Nut Splitting & Metal Disintegration
  • Stud Removal Services

Component Integrity Management Systems

  • Cost Saving Pre-planning
  • Critical Flange Management
  • Data Storage/Management
  • Insure Quality
  • Mitigate/Minimize Risk



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