Field Machining

ISS specialty services provides specialized field and/or shop machining services to include flange facing up to 120” diameter on raised face and RTJ flanges, drilling/tapping, precision line boring, standard and heavy wall pipe-cutting and beveling as well as milling pump bases. Various methods are used, including small and large diameter boring bars, portable lathes, mag-base drills, specialty milling equipment and metal disintegrators for time sensitive stud or nut removal. The knowledgeable ISS team leverages their collective experience to consistently go beyond simply performing the service, offering innovative solutions and helping clients meet industry code compliance.

Pipe Cutting & Beveling Features:

  • Pipe Severing & Beveling up to 120"
  • Any Wall Thickness
  • All Materials Machined: Carbon, Stainless Steel, Chrome, P91, Exotic Alloys
  • Counter Boring, Taper Boring, Schedule Reduction
  • Standard Bevels, Compound Bevels, J Bevels, Special Configurations
  • Valves, Elbows, Tees and other Components
  • Minimal Radial and Axial Clearance Needed
  • Innovative Solutions to Unique Challenges

Boring Features:

  • Line Boring
  • Hole Boring in Headers for Weldolets and Tube Stubs
  • Boring of Nozzles in Vessels
  • Buckets, Loaders and other Articulated Equipment
  • Valves, Pumps and Rotating Equipment
  • Tolerances and Service Finishes Achieved

Milling Features:

  • Milling of Pump and Motor Bases
  • Milling of Exchanger Partitous
  • Milling of Keyways in Shafts
  • Milling of Access Doors
  • Tight Tolerances and Exact Surface Finishes

Shaft & Journal Turning Features:

  • Shaft and Journals up to 32" in Diameter
  • O-ring Grooves
  • Re-establish Journal Bearing Surfaces
  • Out-of-round Gear Seats on Shaft
  • Re-Size Shaft Ends
  • Minimal Disassembly
  • No Need for Shaft to Rotate
  • Tight Tolerances and Exact Surface Finishes

Flange-Facing Features:

  • Flanges up to and above 120"
  • All Types of Flanges, including Flat, Raised Face, RTJ, & Clamp-type
  • Portable O.D. and I.D. Mount Machines

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