Hot Tapping/Line Stopping

Hot tapping and line stopping services require an in-depth understanding of the flow rate, temperature pressure and nature of the material in the line to be cut into. With more than 20 years of expertise, ISS personnel are equipped with the know-how to tackle each unique application to the client’s specific needs.

Hot Tapping/Line Stopping Features:

  • Available in Size Ranges from 1/2"-60" Diameter Tap Sizes and a Boring Bar Stroke of more than 110"
  • Available Off the Shelf for up to 1480 PSIG with a Maximum Operating Pressure and Temperature as High as 700° F. Custom Designs and packers offered for Higher System Requirements.
  • Power-Driven with Pneumatic, Single or Dual Hydraulic Motor Drives Featuring a New Level of Sophistication & Dependability. TM004 Tapping Machines 1/2"-6" Taps Available with 12", 18", 24" and 30". ISS has a Full Range of Hot Tapping and Line Stopping Equipment.
  • Offers Cutter & Pilot Repairs with High-speed Steel and/or Carbide materials
  • Custom Design of Complete High-Pressure Pipe Plugging System for the Temporary Blockage of Pipelines and Pipe Systems when Isolation is not an Option. Our Standard Systems is Designed for 1000 PSIG and 100° F Differential across the Plugging Head. The "Pivoting Head" is the Products of Decades of expert Design Enhancement and Refinement.

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