Leak Repair & Sealing

ISS offers a full complement of solutions for addressing leaks whether it’s designing a custom solution for a flange connection or providing a customized wrap to address an area of piping such as an elbow or other configuration. All leak sealing solutions are customized to address the size, temperature, pressure, chemistry of the product that is leaking and to address the run-time to get our client safely to their next scheduled maintenance shut-down. ISS has an exclusive agreement\ for the application of a poly urea coating system that also works to re-enforce structural stability in pipelines and other structures that can save client’s millions of dollars in replacement costs as structural materials age over time.

The Key Benefit:

This service allows our clients to address leak issues in a safe and effective manner and does not attempt to use a one solution fixes all approach. Every leak sealing application is carefully designed to address the run time desired and the specific hazards involved. This saves our clients time, money and mitigates the associated environmental and health risks.

Component Integrity Management Systems:

ISS personnel can provide a process of incorporating all aspects of a flange joint connection into a data base that is used as a controlled management tool to insure proper verification of all materials, bolts, gaskets, flanges, etc. and to document the proper bolt load calculations, bolting procedures and patterns to be used as well as flange alignment, calibration of equipment with sign-off approvals at each key interval in the process.

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